As a professional musician all my life, having good hearing is essential for my work. I have been on quite a journey the last fifteen years trying to find hearing aids that didn’t feed back all the time nor sound like a 1930’s radio. I was very glad to discover Sandia Hearing Center. They provided me with the quality of sound I need to continue with my music as well as the personalized service we all appreciate.

Karen Lafferty (karenlafferty.com)

Sandia has done a great job for me with NuEar hearing aids. Their service and performance is excellent. My husband no longer must yell to be heard! I’m enjoying normal sound levels from the TV and conversation with others. I feel safer driving because of my better hearing. I enjoy the birds.

Doris S.

Quality service is not a commodity. It cannot be measured in dollars. The staff at Sandia Hearing understand this and is committed to excellent quality of service for their customers. They continue to provide commitment, genuine concern and consideration for my hearing needs. Their friendly and thoughtful attitude to do what is best for a person, along with excellent professional standards, sets them apart from other providers. Sandia continues to monitor your hearing needs on a timely basis, making adjustments as needed. One always feels welcome every time you enter the office and you leave with a confident feeling of the care received. This is why it makes sense to deal with Sandia Hearing, a family business who measures their success by how well they meet the needs of the people they serve.

Manny M.

To My friends at Sandia Hearing Aids,

Hearing is perhaps taken for granted until you lose it, and at first you just think people are mumbling or not speaking clearly. I remember when I was a 23 year old secretary my boss told me he thought I was losing my hearing and I told him maybe I was however I thought to myself, “if you would speak out clearly I could hear you.” A few years later after my first born, I chose to be a stay-at-home mom and each day my husband came home for lunch he would turn the radio down and I could hardly hear it at all. Finally I went to our local ear, nose and throat doctor for a hearing test. He teased me that I just thought I couldn’t hear, but after the test he agreed that I had a real loss. At the time surgical help was so far away, I settled for a hearing aid. It was made by Zenith. You had to fasten it onto your clothing, the ear phone was attached to a wire that went around the neck and into my ear. It was the nosiest thing imaginable, but I would wear it to church and other places where I needed to hear. Then the doctor told me the stapes operation was being done at Lovelace clinic in Albuquerque and that it might help me. I went for that. I tested out for a positive procedure, but did not work. The surgeon did it over, and it still did not work. Then he did the same procedure in the other ear and it was successful, but only lasted about a year. Then I tried the improved all-at-the-ear hearing aid.

By then I was past 60 years old and have been using it ever since and now I am bumping 80 years old. If you need help hearing, by all means get one. You will have to adjust to being able to hear, but stay with it, you’ll really enjoy it.

Maudie M.

Since the expert adaptation by Sandia techs to my special needs of two NuEar hearing aids I am able to enjoy the following:

My wife whispering sweet somethings to me
Turn signal clicks
Normal TV setting
Birds singing
Hardwood floor squeaks
My cat purring

Its great!

Randy S.

Good hearing aids have opened up a whole new life for my mother who has had hearing loss for over 10 years. Her world had shrunk to a small shell around her because she was cut off from friends and family. Now her world has expanded amazingly! She can hear her family and her little great granddaughter’s cute voice for the first time. Best of all, no one has to shout into her ears anymore. Her sense of humor has returned along with a big smile and sparkle in her eyes. She loves her “new ears” and so do we!

Paula L.

The staff at Sandia Hearing are solid, reliable people. They are known as the local professionals, serving their customers in a relaxed, family environment. Learning to adapt to hearing aids was much easier than I thought it would be! If you are looking for improved hearing plus the best service in town, I recommend The Phillips Family at Sandia Hearing Aids.

William K.

I am sure that there are a lot of folks that have heard the old misconception that hearing aids won’t help with tone deafness. I know, I was one of them. To those folks I say – just try a set and see for yourself, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain – better hearing. I guess what I am trying to say is – I am very satisfied with not only the hearing aids, but all of the staff at Sandia Hearing Aids. I have already referred several family members to you and a few non-family members too and I will continue to do so. If you ever have someone that wants to talk to me about hearing aids, feel free to give them my name.

Roger H.

I think the Sandia Hearing Staff is wonderful. They are very pleasant and helpful. If my hearing aids ever need replacing I will come here again! Thank You.

Manuel S.

Aids are very good – much improvement over old aids – should have done it sooner!

Jonathan T.

I have had my NuEar hearing aids since September 2009. My hearing was instantly improved immeasurably when they were first fit and my hearing has continued to improve throughout the years. I can no longer pretend not to hear my wife’s comments.

Bobby E.

I was very impressed with the attention to personal care that I received when I went to Sandia Hearing. I was fitted for a pair of custom shooting ear plugs. Shooting requires good hearing protection, so I needed a set of ear plugs that were custom made for a perfect fit.

The staff members were ALL very professional and kind. Thanks to Sandia Hearing for being a sponsor of my Paralympic dreams by providing me with custom ear plugs. They made the plugs in my favorite color, orange so they are easy to find in my shooting gear box.  Training daily is required to get to the level to compete in Paralympics. Needless to say, it requires years. Without proper hearing protection, this could lead to hearing loss.

I no longer have to worry if my foam ear plugs will pop out. Sandia Hearing provided me with ear plugs made from a mold of my ears so they fit perfectly each and every time.  THANKS to Sandia Hearing Aids!

Buddy H.

I love my new ability to hear and want to thank you for working with me to make it happen. Saturday night we were grilling and watching the full moon rise and I was able to hear the loveliest chorus from the coyotes nearby. What a thrill!

Kelly G.

I am very satisfied with Sandia Hearing and I would recommend them to all my friends. They are very good at what they do for you.

Louis G.

After 12 years with Sandia Hearing, I feel qualified to vouch for their service, their quality and their integrity. 

Doris P.

The Sandia Hearing staff is always friendly with lots of smiles! They are also prompt & courteous. I even enjoy seeing their dogs (the mascots). I’ve never had a bad experience there & I enjoy visiting with the ladies in the office. 

Sharon G.

By allowing Sandia to be my provider of improved hearing, I have chosen to be cared for by dedicated individuals who are personable as well, realizing that compassion is akin to professionalism. All services are rendered as needed and the infinite patience extended to this newcomer is a welcome virtue.

Marilyn A.

While traveling, one of my hearing aids experienced a decrease in sound quality. I was really lucky that I called Sandia Hearing and received an immediate appointment.  Both aids were checked and cleaned and I was back in service able to hear sufficiently with both ears once again. To find that there was no charge for this wonderful service was a most unexpected bonus. If the staff at Sandia Hearing treat strangers this well, regular clients must really feel special. Thank you for taking such great care of me.

Barbara M.

We searched through a variety of products and companies before choosing Sandia Hearing & Cliff Phillips to assist us after my father suffered a stroke which resulted in diminished hearing. My father is once again interactive with family and has the happiness and energy needed to maintain regular exercise. Thank you Sandia for having such a wonderful impact on our family. We are always so grateful that you are here!

John S.

Good hearing aids have opened up a whole new life for my mother. Her world had shrunk to a small shell around her because she was cut off from friends and family. Now her world has expanded amazingly; she can hear her family and her little great granddaughter’s cute voice for the first time. Best of all, no one has to shout in her ears anymore. Her sense of humor has returned along with a big smile and sparkle in her eyes. She loves her “new ears” and so do we!

P. Lawley

I have been wearing a hearing aid for the last 20 years.  Prior to wearing a hearing aid, I found myself extremely tired at the end of a work week.  As a CPA, I spent about 40% of my time discussing various issues with clients.  Once fitted with a hearing aid, I began to notice that I was not nearly as tired at the end of the day.  I had no idea how hard I had been straining to hear my clients, much less how much information I might have been missing!  Today I do not know if I could function without my hearing aids.  When I moved to New Mexico, I transferred my hearing records to Cliff Phillips with Sandia Hearing.  Cliff and his staff have been extremely friendly, professional, knowledgeable and accommodating.  I have referred several of my friends to Sandia Hearing and I will not hesitate to do so in the future as well.

Al C.