Hearing Aid Styles

With the recent technological innovation, many new hearing aid types with peculiar hearing styles have been developed. Read below to find the right choice for you.

Over the last few decades, hearing aids have undergone considerable digital advancements with more refined technology.

Hearing aid devices are available in a wide array of sizes and shapes with a plenitude of features, offering solutions to the needs of hearing aid patients. The miniaturization of the internal components of the device has further enhanced the experience – with the sleek, compact, and innovative styles.

Differences in Levels of technology

Depending on the level of technology and the features hosted by the device, the digital hearing aid can be characterized accordingly. Ranging from levels such as basic, entry, advanced, and premium, the technology varies in each type of instrument.

Comprising the most primary functions, the basic hearing aid requires the wearer to make some manual adjustments with transitions in his environment. To enhance the listening experience, he would be required to turn the volume up or down and adjust the sound amplitudes. As you look for the improved versions with advanced specifications, the need to make manual adjustments reduces, giving you more access to upgraded features.

A premium version is equipped with the most advanced hearing aid features, automatically changing the sound settings and making adjustments by detecting the changes in the signals. Therefore, the user does not have to worry about the hassle of making manual adjustments while getting the optimal hearing aid solution.

Keep in mind that the cost of the hearing aid instrument does not depend on the style of the equipment but primarily on the availability of features and advanced technology.

Styles of Hearing Aid

Coming in a vast array of styles, offering sleek and compact designs, Hearing Aid Solutions can be inserted in the ear as well as behind the ear. Depending on the hearing impairment condition as well as the convenience of the user, the preferred style can be chosen.

In the Ear – ITE

Hearing Aid Instruments worn inside the ear are usually custom made – to fit appropriately into the ears of the wearer. The hearing instrument specialist takes an impression of the ear to create a custom device for the user. Additionally, a range of skin tones is available to completely blend in the device with the outer ear, making it almost undetectable.
Below are the available ITE styles of hearing aid devices.

Invisible In Canal

A specifically designed solution for mild to moderate hearing loss, the Invisible in Canal is the smallest custom-made hearing aid instrument. It is inserted in or past the second bend of the ear, making it invisible by camouflaging it with the outer ear.

Completely in Canal - CIC

Almost invisible when worn, the CIC hearing aid is one of the smallest custom hearing aids. Inserted into the ear canal, it fits deep into the ear canal, giving it a high cosmetic appeal. It offers an optimal solution to treat mild to moderate hearing loss

In the Canal - ITC

Fitting the need for mild to moderate hearing losses, the ITC aid is slightly larger in size. Quite convenient to use, the instrument fits in the outer ear bowl of the ear. It provides access to multiple listening programs such as volume controls in different environments and directional microphones for better understanding in loud spaces. The device also has a relatively long battery life.

Full Shell in the Ear

Hosting the maximum technological features, this ITE equipment has advanced specifications, such including directional microphones and larger battery size. The battery can fit in the larger receiver to treat severe hearing loss cases. Easy to insert and remove, this is the largest of all custom solutions, and due to its flexibility, it can treat mild to severe hearing loss issues.

Behind The Ear

Unlike in the ear styles, the BTE instruments sit either behind or on top of the outer ear. A narrow tubing is attached that routes the sound into the ear, connected to an air tip to fix the aid in the air canal.

BTE’s come in an array of sizes with specific features, battery capacity, and controls. Depending on their specifications, they provide various intensities of hearing loss solutions.

Coming in a diversity of colors and styles, the BTE designs allow the wearer to blend in the equipment with his skin or even to flaunt it by choosing bold and striking designs.

Mini BTE with slim tube and tip

Designed to discreetly hide behind the ear, the sleek, ultra-thin tube of the instrument routes into the ear via a soft tip in the ear canal. Known as open fit, it is an ideal solution for mild to moderate hearing loss problems. Without causing any obstacles in the ear, it gives a natural feeling as sound enters the ear naturally around the ear tip, while the amplified sound enters through the tip.

Receiver in Ear – RIC

In this instrument, unlike other hearing aids, the receiver is incorporated in the ear tip rather than in the body of the device. It provides an optimal hearing aid treatment for mild to severe hearing loss. 

BTE with Earmold

Slightly longer in shape, the device is concealed behind the outer ear. The style and color of the ear mold can be changed to suit the needs of individuals. Programmed with numerous features, including a program button and volume control, the instrument can effectively treat mild to severe hearing issues.

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