Covid-19 Protocol

Dealing With Covid-19 Along With Hearing Loss Is Challenging

Wearing a mask softens speech and does not allow people to read lips. If you have a hearing problem, this is a real obstacle to communicating with people. Some solutions:

  • Ask the person to speak up or rephrase the sentence. Sometimes that is enough.
  • If feasible, move the conversation to an area that has less background noise.
  • Ask the person to write down what they are saying.

Protecting Yourself and Your Hearing Aids during COVID-19

During COVID-19, you need your mask and your hearing aids. Here are some tips for living with both:

  • Make sure your mask fits properly. If it’s too tight, it can pull your ears forward and make your hearing aids less effective.
  • Opt for a mask that ties behind your head or one that has thin ear straps. Thick straps behind your ears take up the space needed for your hearing aids.
  • Be careful not to dislodge your hearing aids when you take off your mask.

Steps We Are Taking To Protect Our Patients and Our Staff

  • We limit the number of people in the office.
  • Masks are required by patients and staff.
  • After each patient, we clean and disinfect the office and equipment.
  • We ask that when you arrive to call before entering.
  • We stay up to date with all CDC recommendations about safe practices during a pandemic.
  • We do not see patients with fever, respiratory symptoms or other indicators of illness.

This is How We Do It: Our TruFit Hearing Signature Process

Book a FREE Hearing Consultation.

Determine if you really have a hearing problem, tell us your concerns (look, fit, needs).

Take them home.

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Hear better again…

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Get Started with a FREE Hearing Consultation

We know that when you can’t hear well, living without hearing aids is frustrating, and living with the wrong ones is just as frustrating.

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