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Comorbidities of Hearing Loss

People often take their hearing for granted. It’s all too easy to go through life without thinking about this essential sense, with many people being happy to ignore their ears until they start to notice problems with their hearing. Though, it always makes sense to look after your hearing, and the comorbidities that are associated […]

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Can Hearing Loss Be Restored?

Hearing loss is an issue that is often far more common than a lot of people realize. It’s something that impacts millions of people all over the world with somewhere in the region of 15% of all adults experiencing hearing loss to one degree or another. Hearing loss can be something that has a direct […]

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How to Support Hearing-Impaired Loved-Ones?

Losing your hearing can have quite an impact on your life. Most people take their hearing for granted and underestimate how much we put our ears through during our day-to-day lives. Hearing loss can happen at any age, and being able to support a loved one, family member or friend through hearing loss will help […]

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What Can You Do to Prevent Your Hearing Loss?

If you are concerned about hearing loss, you will be pleased to know that there are a number of different steps that you can take in order to reduce your chances of experiencing this condition. It is important to recognize, though, that hearing loss cannot always be prevented. Sometimes, hearing loss is just a natural […]

I Can Hear, But I Can’t Understand

One of the first things people with hearing loss observe is “I hear people fine, but I don’t understand what they are saying.” This is a consistent complaint of individuals who are experiencing the effects of a “sloping high frequency hearing loss.” What’s happening and why do so many have this complaint? Hearing loss involves […]

Hearing Loss Impacts Memory and Comprehension

Readers of the publication Trends in Neurosciences will already know today’s fact. For the other 99.9 percent of us, though, it is definitely interesting. According to a story in the June 2016 edition, research has confirmed that “even relatively mild levels of hearing loss” can lead to cascading negative effects on the brain. Those effects […]

Is There A Way I Can Help A Loved One Who Has Hearing Loss?

We know that, left untreated, hearing loss can negatively affect our quality of life. Studies link untreated hearing loss to stress, depression, social isolation, and even dementia. Untreated hearing loss also increases the risk of falling, putting personal safety at risk.  But the person with hearing loss isn’t the only person affected by it. Hearing […]

What Is Mild Hearing Loss?

Mild hearing loss may sound, umm, mild, but it’s quite the misnomer. Professionals classify any hearing thresholds between 25-40 dB to be a mild hearing loss.  But short of measuring your hearing loss precisely, how can you tell if you have mild hearing loss? People with a mild hearing loss tend to be able to […]

Is Hearing Loss Avoidable

That’s a great question, and a complicated one to answer! Hearing loss can be caused by a multitude of things: some are preventable and some are not. For me to write about everything that can cause hearing loss — and then all the ways to avoid each cause — would make for a very long […]

Subtle Hearing Loss in Young Adults Can Alter Brain Function

Research found that young people with subtle hearing loss are altering their brain function in ways typically only seen in older adults. As a result, they could be paving the way for dementia. Researcher Yune Lee and his team monitored the brain activity of study participants 18 through 41 years of age as they listened […]