Why aren’t Hearing Aids Covered by Insurance?

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The condition known commonly as hearing loss is now in the top three largest international health issues, with an estimated 360 million people affected. Hearing loss doesn’t always mean that you will experience near or total deafness, as misunderstanding conversations, having to listen to music on full volume and asking those around you to repeat themselves regularly are all signs of a problem.

It can be caused by perforation of the eardrum, infection or wax, fluid buildup and even aging. However, it’s predicted that a mere 25% of those who are affected by hearing loss actually seek treatment to combat their symptoms, and one barrier to such a solution is health insurance. 

Unfortunately, most insurance providers do not cover the supply of hearing aids. As a result of this, many people feel that they simply cannot afford to invest in a quality hearing aid as this must be done outside of their insurance package and hearing aids are often perceived as expensive accessories that are not essential support features.

In terms of insurance, hearing aids are often viewed or categorized as a luxury item rather than an essential medical device, but those who experience hearing loss will no doubt agree that they are an absolute must to achieve a good quality of life. Without the added support of a hearing aid, people who experience hearing loss can easily become isolated, lonely and have difficulty taking part in normal social activities.

Hearing loss can have a huge effect on almost every aspect of life, from your relationships with friends, family and colleagues to your physical health and wellbeing too. Using a hearing aid can completely transform your experience, offering you complete freedom to live your life comfortably without having to work through the barriers that are associated with sound. 

The act of labelling a certified medical device as a luxury item is not an accidental slip by insurance companies, as this will have a large impact on their total healthcare spend for each and every patient they take on. At this moment in time, there are only three states in the US that require health insurance companies to cover and provide hearing aids for adults who sign up with their organization.

So, if you’re not a resident of Arkansas, New Hampshire or Rhode Island, then your insurance provider is able to decide whether or not they will provide coverage for hearing aids, with most companies deciding against the extra spend. Businesses who operate with such a heavy focus on finance will always find ways to cut corners and save money and unfortunately the lack of protest surrounding the provision of hearing aids has allowed insurance providers to do as they please. 

The lack of medical experience can make it difficult to achieve the right perspective when creating insurance packages, causing companies to skim over some of the most important features that contribute to a happy and healthy life. An insurance company’s bottom line doesn’t account for something deemed non-life-threatening, making it difficult to receive the assistance you want when purchasing hearing aids.

A real shift needs to take place in the health insurance industry to better meet the needs of customers around the globe, as hearing aids must be reclassified as an essential medical device that provides its users with long term relief and support like no other treatment can. Hearing aids are a key part of freedom and independence for the elderly, and for all others who are affected by hearing loss, too. 

Luckily, most hearing professionals understand the impact a hearing aid has on your life, which is why they offer a variety of ways to help purchase a device. From trials and credit options to payment plans, talk to your practitioner about what financing options they have available.  

Finding the best hearing instrument specialist on your own needn’t be as difficult as the struggle of an insurance claim, which is why the professionals at Sandia Hearing Aids are ready and waiting to meet your every need. A respected hearing aid provider can totally transform the way that you are able to live your life, helping you to hear the beautiful sound of the birds singing softly every morning and the low hum of your family chatting over the clatters and clangs of breakfast.

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