Remote Hearing Care

With tele-healthcare, people can now have virtual appointments. Patients can avail the specialized services of hearing professionals who conduct a hearing and testing evaluation, hearing aid adjustment through an online web portal.

With the advent of tele-healthcare services, which have become quite prevalent over the years, the field of auditory health care has also expanded its horizons, stepping into tele-healthcare.

Aiming to provide maximum ease and convenience, we have extended our services to provide online assistance by our health care professionals. For whatsoever reason that you might not be able to visit our premises, you can now avail the opportunity to connect and discuss your hearing issues with our specialists.

Hearing Health Telemedicine

Availing the telehealth auditory services is quite analogous to any other telemedicine appointment. You need a device with an internet connection – mobile, tablet, or laptop – in order to connect with the professional.

Over the past years, this vast field has undergone considerable research and development, allowing you to discuss and identify issues of hearing loss, hearing aid care, and device adjustments.

However, the scope of tele-healthcare is extensive, as the auditory professionals are consistently engaged in bringing about more novel technology and equipment to further expand telehealth services.

What services are offered by hearing professionals

In order to connect with your health care specialist, you need to book a prior appointment. Log in to the telehealth platform at the time of your appointment to seek assistance and guidance from the specialist.

Currently, we are providing the following services:

Hearing loss and Identification

After substantial research and equipment development, health care professionals are finally able to conduct reliable hearing loss assessments, virtually producing absolute results.

The audiologist guides and examines you by conducting a series of evaluations that can indicate any issues that might be dormant in the auditory canal. This intuitive procedure allows the hearing specialist to obtain relevant insights regarding your condition and thereby propose suitable treatments.

The testing mechanism is designed to be quite precise and rigorous to provide as accurate results as possible. However, the accuracy might also be subject to the operating system that you’re using for the telehealth service.

Hearing Aid Selection

Through a telehealth clinic, your audiologist can rightly guide you through the hearing aid technology if he recognizes the need for it. He will conduct a comprehensive session explaining to you the specific features of the aid and discussing the programming and fitting of the device. This makes it much easier for you to select your hearing aid equipment.

Hearing Aid Fine Tuning

Remote hearing technology allows us to examine your condition and equipment and make the necessary adjustments to the current settings, aligning it with the past hearing results.

If you feel the need for fine-tuning your existing aids but are unable to visit the premises, connect with your specialist on the online platform, and get your volume and tone controls, noise reduction, and directional microphone adjusted appropriately.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

You can connect to our audiologists on tele clinics in case you need any additional assistance in using your hearing aids. Whether it’s about fixing it properly on your ear, charging the device, cleaning, and maintaining the technology or instructions about how frequently to use the tools, just book an appointment, and our professionals would assist you through a thorough guide.

Telehealth services aim to maximize the convenience, speed, and efficiency of the treatments. Currently providing the best aural care possible, we aim to serve a huge array of people who can benefit from our services even if they cannot visit the premises.

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