Live Speech Mapping

What is live speech Mapping? This verification technique is being utilized by hearing professionals to ensure that hearing aids are programmed for individual needs.

With advancements in technology, the field of audiology has also undergone extensive research and constant innovation to ease the issues of hearing loss among individuals.

To simplify hearing aid evaluation and programming, audiologists have devised a new technique to make the process more effective.

One of the most widely utilized methods nowadays, Live Speech Mapping, allows the audiologist to measure the exact intensity of the sound received by the patient’s eardrum at each pitch, ensuring that hearing aids are fitted accurately to the individual’s needs.

What is Live Speech Mapping?

This method adopts speech as a stimulus to help your audiologist to set the hearing aid instruments at the right intensity. This fitting and verification method produces quite accurate results, meticulously programmed for the patient’s needs.

During Live Speech Mapping, small microphones are placed in your ear canal and are used to measure the response rate of the hearing aid instrument, determining both the degree of hearing potential and hearing loss that is happening.
To conduct this verification procedure, your audiologist will be equipped with advanced technology equipment enabling him to monitor and assess your hearing mechanism via aid equipment displayed on a digital screen.

Often, the audiologist may choose to display the results of the Live speech Mapping on the larger screen, allowing you to observe the adjustments in the settings of the hearing aids and participate in the process by giving your relevant input. This makes the session with your specialist interactive, allowing both of you to better evaluate your sound capacities.

In most cases, you may be required to bring along a family member or close friend to your Live Speech Mapping appointment. This member will act as a gauge in your ability to detect sounds, hence making the evaluation more interactive and comprehensive. Assessing the results of the speech Mapping on the screen further lets you both understand the underlying issue and the impact of the hearing aid in enhancing your hearing.

What are the Benefits of Live Speech Mapping?

Live Speech Mapping offers a range of benefits, making it one of the most useful strategies to evaluate hearing loss.

  • Provides accurate programming of Hearing Aids. Audiologists widely rely on Live Speech Mapping to program the hearing aid requirements of the patients due to its utmost accuracy. By verifying the fittings on the instrument, it reduces the need for any further adjustments.
  • Helps you understand your hearing ability. Suffering from a hearing impairment may make you agitated due to the inability to understand and assess things around properly. Speech Mapping allows you to not only observe improvements in your hearing ability, but with the graphics in front of you, it makes it quite apparent to understand your hearing capacities and assess what you can and cannot hear.
  • Engages both you and your family in the fitting experience. By involving your family members as well in the fitting process and showing the results of the analysis to them, it creates a much more positive impact, making the adaptability to hearing aids quite easy.
  • Provides immediate and tangible results. By focusing on the primary and fundamental function of audibility, it gives immediate results to effectively improve the hearing potential.
  • Increases your confidence in using the new hearing aids. Live speech Mapping provides such accurate results while, at the same time, displays these results to the patient, allowing you to understand the underlying issue. This makes it easier for you to wear your hearing aid comfortably, rather than being hesitant to meet people while wearing hearing aids.
  • High success rate of accurate fittings. It is known to give increased successful outcomes of fittings, so your hearing aids are appropriately programmed and fitted according to your hearing needs in the first attempt. This reduces the need for return visits to get your hearing aids adjusted repeatedly.

To experience a more reliable and interactive hearing aid mapping experience, contact your hearing health specialist and get your hearing evaluated accurately.

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