Hearing Tests

The first step in finding solutions to hearing problems is the basic hearing test. It is the starting point for nearly all further tests and diagnoses. When people call with hearing difficulties, Sandia Hearing Aids recommends a hearing test at our office.

The Testing Process

The test is a brief and painless series of hearing checks, including beeps, tones and words spoken through earphones while you are sitting in a soundproof room. Equipment used with a computer can track what you hear even without your knowing it. These results are graphed for a visual look at your ears’ ability to hear clearly at all volumes.

Our hearing instrument specialists are trained to administer hearing tests and determine very detailed results. It is not recommended that you take “online” hearing tests as a reliable gauge of your hearing ability. We discuss the results and determine the next step for you while you are in the office for the test, so no time is lost.

Your hearing is a complex system involving the outer, middle and inner ears, bones, nerves and the brain. Sometimes a monitor is held on the bone near the ear to detect the behavior of sound to the ear through this bone. The result is added to all the other data for a better overall picture of your hearing system.

Live Speech Mapping

Hearing tests set up the diagnosis process. Sometimes, further testing is required. Live speech mapping more closely determines your ability to understand speech in several situations. The hearing test might point to the need for an examination of the ears, testing the auditory nerve and brain, and checking for disease or injury.

Hearing loss can be due to many factors, but the most common is loss due to aging. The middle and inner ear deteriorates at different rates as we age, but we all will likely experience this change. Having your hearing tested annually allows you to establish a baseline for your abilities. This makes it easy to monitor if problems begin to develop in the future. The sooner hearing loss is caught, the earlier we can find the right solution to treat your specific needs. Learn more about Sandia Hearing Aids today and set up your hearing test.

This is How We Do It: Our TruFit Hearing Signature Process

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