Hearing Aid Batteries

Standard disposable Zinc-Air batteries:

This is the most common hearing aid battery. These batteries last from 2 to 14 days. Battery life depends on type of hearing aid, battery size, number of hours the aid is used and the amount of streaming time. Tips to make batteries last longer:

  • wait 1 minute after removing tab before placing battery in aid
  • wash hands before handling aid or battery
  • open battery door at night to both save the battery and allow moisture to dry from aid
  • keep batteries at room temperature

Standard batteries come in 4 sizes:

  1. Size 10-Yellow
  2. Size 312- Brown
  3. Size 13-Orange
  4. Size 675-Blue

Rechargeable batteries

Many of the newer hearing aids are available with rechargeable batteries. Most of these batteries are Lithium-Ion batteries and are built into the hearing aid. The aids are placed into a charger at night. Lithium-Ion batteries have up to a 30 hour battery life and last 5+ years. Rechargeable batteries eliminate the need to change small hearing aid batteries and eliminate the problem of unexpectedly having a hearing aid battery lose power.

Battery Plan

We offer an annual supply of Zinc-Air batteries for $75. You may pick the batteries up at our office and have your hearing aids cleaned for no additional charge. If you are unable to come to the office, the batteries can be mailed to you.


If you are interested in changing to a Lithium-Ion battery hearing aid, we can offer you a trade-in on your current instruments, and you would no longer need to replace or change batteries.